Saturday, July 01, 2006


We are back home . We got back last night @8:oopm and then had to clean the house till midnight so that two people could look at the house yesterday.I hated to come back to Mississippi but knew I had too till the house sold.

The first pic is of Boiler Bay on the Oregon coast @6pm in the evening and the other is about 8pm from our hotel balcony in Lincoln City,Oregon.Those thing that look like rocks in this pic are actually tree sized logs which the Pacific tosses up on the beach in the winter.It gives it that rugged beauty.The haze to the pics is actually that caused by the condensation of the cool water hitting the warm air inland.

We had quite the interesting trip.Last Sat we caught our plane in Memphis and sat on runway for 2 hours which made us get to Minnapolis for our connecting flight late.They had to rebook us to fly into Portland that night got there @1am and they lost our luggage for two days. On the flight back from Eugene that flight was delayed causing us to miss our connection in Salt Lake City and making us miss our connection there causing us to have to spend the night in SLC. We had to drive to Eugene to get the luggage onMonday. On Sunday we drove up thru Astoria and drove thru Cannon Beach but it was just to busy to stop. On Tues We went to Salem and looked at the hospital and surrounding area then over to the coast.On Wednesday we Drove thru the Wilhamette Valley and down to Eugene to check it out. After all that I think we have decided on the Portland area and will proably live across the river in Washington and commute as real estate is more affordable. I have lots of pics that I will share in the coming days.

I don't know why but out in the Pacific Northwest I feel more at home and at peace than I ever have here. It is such a beautiful area and the people are super nice and it just feels like home.I hope you will send good thoughts our way for the sale of house next week hopefully. Maybe if it sells we could possibly be in the northwest by Sept.

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July.


paris parfait said...

I love the Pacific Northwest too. Great photos! Hope you sell your house quickly and get to move where your heart feels at home soon! :)

susanlavonne said...

Two hours on the runway and lost luggage too! Well soon you'll be in the most beautiful part of the country :-)
The photos are incredible...also, sending beaucoup good thoughts that everything will go smoothly.