Thursday, August 10, 2006

Poetry Thursday:
I found this while goggling(is that a word?) and thought it fit the Poetry Thursday prompt for this week.
Unfinished Conversation
Our conversation was never over
as we talked about life,love and history.
There were questions that remain unanswered
and thoughts that were never spoken.
Ever so often
I think of these things that you said to me
and our unfinished sentences are complicated
in my head.
We lived a half life with a few snatched moments.
The other half goes on in another time and space.
Our meeting must remain incomplete, fragmented
and Imperfect.
By Payal Suresh Rohira

I would also like to share a couple of music links with you. In the past few weeks I have
enjoyed listening to folk music along with country and rock.
Here are some links:

Pat Green-He is a cult country/rock star in Texas with a unique sound .
AdrienneYoung&LIttle Sadie-She is folk/Bluegrass with a very unique sound . I really like her.
Gary Allan-He is a honky/tonk country singer but with a rough voice I like and love his song "Life Ain't always Beautiful".
The Green Cards They are an australian band with a folksy sound I like.
Antigone Rising This is an all girl band with a rock sound.

Cross Canadian Ragweed-They are a rock/country band with a Eagles sort of sound that I really like.
Tommorrow is my last day at my present job. I am glad and a little scared. Since we haven't sold our house here yet the plan is for me to go ahead to Oregon and start working and then Vince will come out when we sell the house and join me. The goal is for me to start work in ORegon @ Labor Day. WIsh us luck that we sell the house before then.

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