Monday, September 25, 2006

The Three Graces

The Three Graces
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Yes, I am back in the land of the living again. I have been without internet access for nearly two weeks and just got it hooked up today.
I have started my new job and so far I am liking it a lot. It seems everybody that works there so much better as a team than where I came from.
We still have not sold our house in Mississippi so keep us in your thoughts in that regard.
I drove up thru Astoria today and down past this area(in the photo) this afternoon so I thought it was appropriate for today . Thanks to Tarkeena for the pic from flickr.
I think we have settled on a house in McMinniville , Oregon. I just love this little town within an hours drive of Portland and the Pacific.
I am going to try to catch up with all of your blogs and start trying to blog again.
I continue to be amazed by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday while driving on the 205 I glimpsed Mt. Hood, then Mt. St. Helens and the next mountain behind St. Helens. It is such a prettty sight that I don;t think I will ever grow tired of it.


Yolanda said...

just testing to see if comments work.

b/sistersshoes said...

I love the name of your new cute!

That area is beautiful indeed...I was around for the eruption of Mt.St. Helens....THAT was a trip! Black snow that burned your lungs...crazy, but, the greenest place I've ever seen and enjoy your gardening, everything thrives there :)

Glad you're back :)
xxx darlene

kelly rae said...

yes, i am so familiar with 205 and the views of the mtn. i bet the mtn behind st helens that you saw was Rainier! if you haven't gone to Cannan Beach yet, then go. it's better than astoria!

Kim G. said...

Yolanda - glad things are going well with work and getting settled. We'll continue to pray for the sale of your house.

McMinville is a great area - my sister lives in nearby Newberg. Blessings!