Sunday, December 10, 2006

Don't we all need a life preserver somtime. Taken in in Depoe Bay, Oregon Troller's Lodge

Lest( is that a word) anyone think I post only pictures of the ocean here is a Picture of Mt Hood from the first week in August. She doesn't look like this now. She is all covered in snow.

I have found one of the neatest surprises since moving here is even where I live about an hour or so away from mt hood on clear days you can see it from my drive to work, or in the hills above our house.I love it best at twilight when the sun casts a reflective pink glow on her.

There are three climbers lost on her tonight one from NY and two from TX please pray they live thur the night and as the conditions are very bad at the summitt and also please keep the Kim family in your prayers.

It is hard to believe that we are only two weeks from christmas.


Lucky Candice said...

I'm from Oregon and I miss it. We travel each year to Portland and Seaside but there are so many places I miss! Beautiful photos - and I love the quote you have as your information about you. I'm going to write about it - hope you don't mind!

LC (lucky candice)

Boho Girl said...

such a lovely picture of Mt. Hood.

i hope those climbers were found...


angela marie said...

How lucky are you to have the best of both worlds!!

Love your photos. Keep posting!

East of Oregon said...

Oh such a great photo of Mt. Hood, beautiful but treacherous. I'm praying for the missing climbers.