Tuesday, January 30, 2007

long time no blog

PNW front yard
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I hope tommorrow to get some photos loaded off the camera onto the computer.We went to the Oregon Coast last weekend and took lots of Pictures.
This is the view from my front yard in fall on a gray day. I really enjoy where we live now.
I went back to count how many blog post I have done in the past year and it is at 111. I have noticed that since moving here and starting the new job my posts have went down significantly. I am still trying to get better at posting regularly again.
I truly believe the older your get the faster time flies .I can't believe it is almost Feb 1.
As I was coming home from work yesterday it occured to me that in less than two weeks my dad will have been gone for a Year and in March my mom will have been dead 5 years. I still miss them both. I still find myself wanting to call my mom and tell her things. I think it is the little things you miss the most.

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Angela Marie said...

I have to agree.. it is the little things you miss most.