Saturday, March 10, 2007

This image was taken in Bar Harbor , Maine last spr ing. I love the colors of the boats in the little harbor there. In some ways Oregon reminds me of Maine.

Hereare some funnies for you. I am not poking fun a southerners Y'all since I was born and raised there. I love the West but after living in the deep south for 42 years I will always sound and act like a southerner. I am more like Paula Deen than I ever will be Martha Stewart. I watched Paula Deen on Martha the other day and she asked Paula if she makes people take their shoes off when they come in her house (martha does) and Paula bless her soul says "Well lord no". It is how you are raised in the south. Paula Deen's food is the kind of food I grew up eating .I just love her and the south is filled with women just like her.I know a lot of people who watched Steel Magnolia's thought that the characters weren't based on people who were real but trust me they are .My mom and grandmother and great aunts on my mothers side were like those women.

On first moving out here I worried about the way I talk with the Southern drawl and all but I have come to accept it makes me who I am and no matter how long I live here it will always remain. It makes me unique and If i try to remain true to my word for this year(authentic) then it just is who I am and doesn't need changing.

Here are the funnies;

Only a Southerner:

Only a southerner knows the difference in a "conniption fit" ,and a" hissie fit and" that you don't have them you pitch them.

Only a southerner knows how much fish, collard greens(yuck),turnip greens,peas,beans,etc make up a "mess".

Only a southerner can show or point out to you the general direction of "yonder".

Only a southerner knows how long "directly" is, as in "I'm fixin to go to town, be back directly"..

Only a southerner knows you don't scream obscentities at little old ladies who drive 30mph on the freeway. You just say"Bless her heart" and go own your way.

Only a southerner knows instinctively that the best gesture of solace for a neighbor in trouble is a plate of hot fried chicken and a big bowl of potato salad .If the neighbor is in real crisis you might also need to include homemade peach cobbler and sweet tea.

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Paula said...

I love that. We could all take a few lessons from our southern friends, now couldn't we?