Thursday, March 01, 2007

This photo taken at Pacific City, Oregon. It hasn't been photoshopped . I just love the colors and the surfer in the foreground. The main reason it isn't photoshopped or for that matter any of my photos is because I am still trying to teach myself PS4 . I got sidetracked last year with the move and all.

So far today has been a good day, a vast improvement from last week. I got a call about two of things I had been concerned about today and it was the news I wanted to hear and I don't have the stomach virus like last week which is always a good thing. The toliet bowl gods aren't really who I care to be communing with.

I can't believe it is already March 1 my how time flies when you get older.LOL.

Here are some Blogs and Sites I am loving lately:

Cooking With Amy-food blog . I am really into food blogs lately

Blue Letter Bible-this is an online bible but very user friendly with lots of translations available

Inspirations-new blog by Teri Fode I have always liked her Christian perspective and her photography

All at Sea-Becky Thompsons blog.She is a wonderful scrapbooker and is always upbeat in her approach to life.

Thompson Family Life-I just love the funky sites Danielle finds and her photography.

Wish Jar-Then incomparable Keri Smith enough said.

This is the Bible Verse I claim for this year Jermiah 29:13 and my old standby that has helped me thru so much in the past Phillipians 4:13


Cheryl said...

I love the Blue Letter Bible too! It's great for find a verse or verses if you can't remember the exact reference, etc.

Glad you're doing so much better! Happy spring!! I think you'll enjoy the NW springtime!

Becky said...

Thanks for the mention...that's a gorgeous photo! I'm right there with you on Blue Letter Bible - one of my favorites!

Here's wishing springtime weather soon! :)

East of Oregon said...

lovely photo and I like the blog recommendations too! have a great weekend :)