Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I want to express my sympathy to all those who lost loved ones yestereday in the senseless tragedy in Blacksburg,VA.I hope we will all keep these people in our prayers in the coming days.
I will go back to being more upbeat after this post hopefully. It has been a hard week. I lost last Thursday my last living relative in the place where I grew up.Although we weren't close it affected me somehow to know that all my relatives on my mom's side of the family are gone and I have no ties anymore to the place where I lived 36 years of my life.It is a funny feeling.I also go tommorrow for the mammogram to determine if the lump is benign or maligant.The MD thinks it is proably benign and for that I am thankful but still it is an uneasy feeling until I know for sure (with my family history).
I know that even with all the things I have going one I am still extremely lucky and thankful for all I have.I know it could be worse. I found this ladies story on another blog and it will make you cry.

Especially Heather

In this week I have found that like always I have found my comfort in the beautiful countryside of Oregon and music.
Thanks to Airchild on Flickr for this beautiful photo.

"Hope itself is like a star-not to be discovered in the sunshine of prosperity but in the mdst of adversity"-{C.H. Sprugeon}
Also thanks to the lovely Thea for her kind comments on the last post.


Colorsonmymind said...

Still dancing for you darling.

Cheryl said...

Praying for you, Yolanda, and a good report on your health.

Also, grieving with you over the loss of your relative and all the emotions that go along with that.

Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly.

Hugging you!

Cheryl said...

P.S. Thank you for the link to Heather's blog. Very touching and such a witness of faith!

Paula said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you...