Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Red Bridge

red bridge
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I have been working a lot this week but will post more later in the week. We went to the Tulip Festival in Woodburn Sunday and took lots of photos. I will post some this weekend. It was just beautiful.
This was on the Flickr blog today and I just love this photo since I seem to be obsessed with cherry blossoms of late.
Here are some Easter Traditions that I think our family will be incorporating this year.
On Good Friday we will not eat meat and maybe have breakfast for supper .On Saturday I want to make Resurrection Cookies and a King Cake.The King Cake is just a round cake which your invert ice cream cones on and decorate with candies to symbolize the kingship of Christ in this season. Although I don't have children I thought this was a neat idea. Take plastic easter eggs and inside
1. place a flower symbolizing the beauty of EAster. the next one place dirt to represent the sin that is in the world the third place a stick cross representing the crucifixation.
4. in the fourth a rock representing the grave and empty tomb
6.nothing to represent the resurrection.
Another tradition that I like was each year to decorate a wooden easter egg and then each easter season use them to decorate your home.
I saw this at a church near my home one year and just loved the idea of it. They took a plain wooden cross and each person attached a flower to it at the end of the service to represent new life.It was so pretty.

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