Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I have found two new projects to be involved in Wellness Wednesdays and One Thing Be Brave . You can click on the links in my sidebar to go directly to their sites. I need both of them in my life. The Wellness Wednesday one I need because I need to change my lifestyle when it comes to healthy eating. I would also like to use it to focus on topics regarding health at times that I find either in my job as a nurse or thru research and to share my progress towards reaching goals to become a healthier person overall. The Other Project is One Thing Be Brave and it is a project that encourages you to do one thing that scares you big or small each day. I want to do this to encourage myself to get outside of my own comfort zone.
Here in Yamhill County is our annual Art Harvest Studio Tour which features local artists in our county. There are 37 arts participating . I just wanted to add some of their names here for some linky love. Oregon has a vibrant arts scence.
Linky Love:
Diane Archer-she is an artist from the Oregon Coast that uses found things to create her art.
Alice Wanke Stephens-she does the most beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.
Rainy Bay Art- and etch a sketch artist that creates amazing work.
Dirty Martini- a local female band that has some really good music.
Terry Peasley- a local artist that does wonderful landscapes of the county I call home.


Paula said...

I've actually heard of Dirty Martini clear up here in Clatsop County. Took a drive through your beautiful Yamhill county yesterday. Gorgeous fall colors coming out everywhere!

Love Bears All Things said...

The photo of trees was taken on my son by law's annual camping trip last October. We are having days in the 80's and nights in the 70's. It is much cooler than in August but still not really cool.
Mama Bear

Theresa said...

Great goals that you set yourself!
I am currently doing the wellness thing myself.
I like the idea of doing something out of your comfort zone. Good luck with that.
Also loved the picture!

Shelby said...

enjoyed this - as always :)

Overwhelmed! said...

Yolanda, I wanted to let you that I've got my Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style recipe exchange posted.

Stop by and join in the fun! :)

david santos said...

I came to visit you to desire a good week to you.
Much attention with our children. It has many criminals who steal them and kill.
Until always

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you :-)