Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This is what they are predicting for here this week maybe tonight or tommorrow. We live on the valley floor about 500 ft above sea level so we don't get snow often like they do over closer to The Gorge and Mt Hood.I sort of hope we do get the snow .I used to love to go out in the snow when it was falling (as it rarely did in Mississippi) and stick out my tongue to feel snowflakes on my tongue and eyelashes . I also loved snow cream that my Mom and Granny made from the snow.
I am hoping that if it snows it will get me going in the holiday spirit which is lacking here right now. I just can't seem to get inspired to decorate. I think it might be a combination of funds being on the leaner side this year and this is the time of the year I miss my parents the most. My mom loved the holidays and Christmas lights. I still miss her a lot.
I have been looking at crafty blogs lately and been getting inspired.
I love thrift stores and used book sales and have found two sites to help you locate them in your area.BooksaleFinder and Thirft Shopper.You should go check them out.
I also love this site. I have always loved looking at clouds and the forms they take so if you share this love this site is for you.The Cloud Appreciation Society website is great with some beautiful photography.

Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns.
— Anonymous


Lisa said...

I hope it doesn't snow until hubby gets back in town.

Jan said...

Thanks, Yolanda. Beautiful. I miss my mother, too, sometimes, and she died 15 years ago. They're always in our hearts.

ladybug said...

I understand how hard it can be to 'feel the spirit' when you're deflated by stress about money and the loss of someone close...I would suggest that you go for a walk, and find a tree to 'decorate' using bits of nature(pinecones, shells, flowers if your area has any at this time of year...even if no one else notices the act of spending time making something look nice for no other reason than to take the time to enjoy it often brings me back to that feeling of spirit. Also...imagine someone walking by this tree after you're gone...perhaps in their own funk and happening upon a tree that has been showcased in it's own might just bring them up with you too.