Monday, June 09, 2008

At the Feet of the Divine

I think we all struggle through life with burdens that no one else sees tied to our backs like hobo sacks.I think each of use in that sack would carry our own set of worries specific to what place we are in at this point in our lives. I guess mine would include worries of money, health worries for my loved ones and just wondering if I have made the right decisions in life.I know that often I just wish I could take off my pack of worries and lay them down at the feet of the divine.

Although I can't take a journey to escape my worries I have one tool always available to me to handle in this area of my life and that is my imagination. I know that I can close my eyes and imagine walking up to God or Buddha or whatever divine being youor I choose to believe in and just laying down those burdens if only for a little while.I can feel how much lighter it feels and how much better I feel with the load lifted. I am going to try this in the coming weeks. I know that it doesn't solve my problems but maybe it will make me feel better to just release them into a higher powers hands .

I have found these past couple of weeks the place I feel lighter and more positive and closer to that higher powerin nature. I see God in the dance of the butterfly and the bald eagle we saw flying down a mountain stream near our house. Where do you find him?

If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it?
— Dogen

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SandyCarlson said...

Wonderful post. I will try to imagine walking with the Buddha and Jesus tonight. I imagine they know each other well. Together we will get the local beavers to pause from their endeavors for a photo. And we will laugh.

Thanks for stopping by Yolanda. I need to link you to my home page so I don't lose track of your very fine words. I'll do that now.

Sacred Suzie said...

I share your time of reflection about making right decisions and getting back on the right path. It sounds as though hope is finding you again and I am so glad.

Amy Ellen said...

Thank you for the encouragment, I appreciate your willingness to listein. You know in all these struggles, I have not really been paying attention to where I used to find God which was in every little thing. I am working on it. Thank you for the reminder

Angela Marie said...

Beautiful post Yolanda... I too will meditate to a wonderful place where I picture myself sitting on the beach with my worries neatly set beside me. I take each one of those worries and hold it up to the sky giving it to Him. Thanking Him, cause I know He will take care of it.

I may do this several times when I am feeling overwhelmed, but it works for me. I too feel much lighter when I get up to stand.


Sara said...

Getting outside and pondering the wonders of God's creation always refreshes my soul...I find Him there whenever I take the time to look. Your post brings to my mind a beautiful song "At the Foot of the Cross" sung by Kathryn Scott. As a Christian, the words of the song, and the beauty of her voice bring me great encouragement and comfort.

I see you are a Shelfari member. I recently joined but haven't really spent much time there yet interacting with others. I think I spend too much time blogging instead!

Just Joni said...

yes, we all have burdens and I think we are called on to release them to a greater power so that our own lives may be less spiritually hindered by worldly concerns. I find God in all the spaces my heart finds refuge...whether it's quiet time in the mornings or in a child's laughter, or in the warm bends of a loved ones arms...I usually don't have to look very far and that's what I love.

Nice reflective post Yolanda...makes me thankful.

Paula said...

My pack of worries has been heavy lately as well. Kid worries. If I had done things differently 10 years ago, would we still be experiencing this today type of worries. Thank you for this post. I really needed it and hope that your worries are easing as well.

I see God lately in the shining eyes of my little grandbaby, for one.

suzanne said...

About a year ago, when things were at their darkest for me, someone said to me "just keep walking". Although I did not know where I was going, somehow that advice helped and a year later the sun is just a little bit brighter. Keep walking.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Yolanda,

you're definitely not alone in this! I often wonder that it seems the tighter I hold onto my 'pack of worries/burdens' the heavier it becomes.

However, when we share the troubles with friends/loved ones, they become lighter in that we are not alone. And, when we truly 'let go, and let God', the troubles might not be taken away, but there can be a peacefulness in knowing that something Greater than us cares and will not let us fall aside. :)

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Yolanda, what a beautiful, honest post. It is a powerful thing to envision putting that sack down, and then walking away from it, forever -- or you can dance away, laughing! Someone else said, Keep walking. Good advice. Big hugs to you!