Wednesday, March 11, 2009

45 things to do in my 45 th year.

In 3 months from tommorrow I will be 45 so here is my list of things I want to do in my 45th year.

Crater Lake @ crater lake, oregon

2.Make homemade biscuits and fried chicken like my Granny

3.visit a photobooth w/ my hubby a bike (used) a shirt & skirt

6.take hubby to the hot springs

7.make homemade ice cream

8.volunteer my time

9.photograph portland's chinese garden

10.grow a salad garden with tomatoes four nonfiction books

12.ride the westside express

13.go horseback riding on the coast

14.go cherry picking in hood river

15.bake homemade bread

16.take a tour of a working farm

17.ride a willamette jet boat

18.make a photo journal

19.go to five plays or concerts

20.visit ganesha @ the portland art museum

21.spend a day alone @ the oregon garden

22.go on the cottage grove covered bridge tour

23.focus on the positive and use my pinhole camera

25.ride the historic mt. hood rail road

26.make homemade freezer jam

27.go birdwatching as often as I can.

28.Learn names of all local birds

29.Be a guriella artist

30.Attend and author discussion at either Powells or local universities

31.Learn to make hush puppies

32.Take joy in the ordinary sparkling moments of everday life

33.Cultivate both new and old friendships

34. Spend a Summer afternoon wading in a fountain.

35. try to be and eat locally as much as possible

36.Find 4 new authors to read

37. Spend as much time outdoors this summer as possible

38. Go to a Star Party

39. Have lots of picnics

40. Reconnect with family

41.learn to crochet

42.continue my love affair with HWY 101

43. Believe in myself

44.Spend a day at the Oregon Zoo.

45. Never Give UP.

I have been absent of late because I just couldn't seem to find words to express my feelings here. I can't decide if I want to continue blogging because I want to put something postive on here and many times of late I feel anything but that. We are in the thick of this economic crisis and some days I just don't feel like saying anything which is proably the worst thing to do. I plan ontrying to start leaving comments again and to share my money saving hints along the way. I know that we aren't the only ones going through this and I so value all of you who visit here and your insights. I will continue to share book reviews also. I know that in these tough times it is family,friends and simple pleasures that get you through like good people and good books.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.[BUDDHA]


Lydia said...

O, I really hope that you do continue your blog....and the money-saving tips will be wonderful. Yes, this is an unnerving time (to put it mildly). My husband was just put back two "steps" or levels at his job, plus must take one furlough day each month for the next two years. I'm just grateful he still has his job (which could also change). We were just climbing out of debt to where I could see an actual small vacation in our future. Now I'll be reading tips like the ones you'll write! :)

I like your list very much. The Ganesh exhibit at the Portland Art Museum has me curious and I'll visit the website. When you spend your day alone at the Oregon Garden you'll be in my neck of the woods. It's a lovely place; I haven't done a day alone there and it's a great idea!

tipper said...

Neat list!! I know what you mean about the economy-I lost my job before Christmas-and it's getting harder and harder for my carpenter husband to find jobs. I would love to hear about your money saving tips-we are trying to cut back on everything!

ladybug said...

What a beautiful post and a wonderful tradition...I hope you don't mind if I borrow it from you. I love the idea of creating a list each year to give thought of the things you'd like to do with the new year added to your life!

And as for feeling you need to always be positive...please don't limit yourself to one expression. I've found that even when I sit down to write 'negative' thoughts the act of expressing them helps me burn through them faster than if I held on to them, or kept them to myself. So by expressing them with others I help myself too...and we, (as the others reading your thoughts) have the opportunity to follow suit. Soon the world is full of communication and sharing and compassion for each of us in our own lives...and we have a better world.

slow small steps yes, but worth the effort. You bet!

SandyCarlson said...

I hope you achieve these things. Your list says a lot about you. You are a loving, warm, caring, thoughtful person who likes the outdoors!

Connie said...

Great List!!! I am working on a new one since I just turned 50.

I think your concerns echo the concerns of many! I didn't want to blog for awhile b/c I wanted my blog to be a positive place. One day I just wrote what I was feeling and the support from my fellow bloggers was incredible!!!

We just "met" please stick around, many would benefit from money saving tips...

Char said...

what a fabulous list - I love them and wish I had more time to spend in Portland to do some. When I was there last all I had time to do was visit the Mt Hood area.

beth said...

I think your banner looks great, but I'm giving one away in a drawing on my blog if you're interested....but not with photoshop as that gives me such a headache !!!

Carver said...

That's a stunning photograph in this post. What a great list of 45 things to do as you approach 45. I'm approaching 52 so maybe I'll come up with 52 things to so.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

What a great list, Yolanda! Star parties are very interesting -- everyone should go to at least one in their lifetime. (Bring a flashlight that shines a red light -- it'll help you get around in the dark, but it won't destroy your night vision.) I hope you keep blogging, because everything you share makes a connection to someone else out there. And Buddha was absolutely right! If we really grasped the truth of this statement, life would be much different.

Shelby said...

do keep up your blog please! not every day or every week.. I know it's a time commitment.. but every once in a while you can say whatever you like ..

happy birthday too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you and I are the same age. :)

the best age.

pink dogwood said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I like your list - we are very close in age ( I turned 41 this year :) - I like the idea of a making a list of goals for the coming year.

Nice meeting you :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love your list. Now i wish I'd done something similar for my 50th birthday. And I wish I could see that Ganesha. I think he's such an interesting figure.

Willow said...

I hope you'll continue to post--I thought as I read your to do list that there are places that I didn't visit when I lived in OR and I'd get to see them here.

A day alone in any garden would be wonderful!

Annie said...

Outstanding list, Yolanda. I'll be in Oregon next summer. The westside express intrigues me. Best wishes on doing it all.

karen said...

Hi Yolanda, nice to see you back again... please keep on blogging! i missed you! great list of things to do. i think i will try that as well..

thank you for the lovely quote. it's so true.

take care, and hope to hear from you again soon x

Carolynn said...

Well, I for one would miss you if you gave up blogging. I've only just met you and I've enjoyed your contribution immensely.

You know, so many people I encounter are apologetic when they're feeling less than 'perfect'. I don't expect my friends to be chipper and happy all the time. I'm certainly not (understatement there....) I much prefer the company of someone who is Real. So, that includes the ups & downs of life. We all go through 'stuff' and knowing that we're not alone and have the support of others is invaluable.

You have an excellent list there and I may be able to help you with a couple...if I can find the recipes...

"The sun is always shining above the clouds." Anonymous.

Evelyn said...

I love your list Yolanda! It is a very positive thing to focus on that can help thru the tough times.

Kerri said...

Oh I LOVE the 45 things you want to do in your 45th year. I think they are FAbulous! I do hope you continue to blog....but only if it is enjoyable to you.

I would welcome any moneysaving tips you have.....hubby and I haven't bit hit YET at our jobs...but it you never know when that will happen.

Susan said...

I love your list and it sounds very achievable. I hope you will continue to write. Thank you for visiting my blog and I would really like to read more from you. Everyone has down times and this economy is hurting so many people. Please don't give up. ((hugs))

lisaschaos said...

I think we're all having moments like that right now. *hugs* Often I just throw some photos up because I have nothing positive to say, but people's comments about the beauty in the photos usually helps a lot. :)

I would do all of those things with you! Except I just got a bike two falls ago so I would just share it with you. :)

Nicci said...

What a great list. I love it. I hope you will blog about your experiences doing it all.

karen said...

Hi again, Yolanda. There's an award for you on my blog, today! :)

Adrienne said...

Dear Yolanda - I hope you get to do everything on your list through the next year. I share some of the same on my list of want-to-do's. Please don't be discouraged if you don't feel you have anything to share. I enjoy it when you do share and understand when you don't. I'm sure you have a lot that would be inspiring and helpful to each of us. I would miss you if you quit. ~Adrienne~

inlandempiregirl said...

Happy Birthday and I love your list. I do love Highway 101 and would love to try a few more things on your list. I love the idea of money saving tips on the blog. What a good idea. These are very difficult times. I understand why you wouldn't want to blog... but I love your book review and your inspiratonal words. I would also love to see those money tips.

On This Rock said...

Congratulations on your upcoming birthday. Your "to do" list is commendable and sounds like some good times and accomplishments ahead. I stop in from time to time, and have found your site to be lovely. I enjoy the positive mood of your writing, however very much appreciate the honesty at the end of this post...your situation is shared or anticipated by many persons. Thank you for offering to continuing to share the things you learn through these difficult times..

Cedar ... said...

Whatever you do,.. do it for YOU. And most of all, good luck with your list, go for it! Hard times are all over, here with me too. but some of the best things are not acheived with money. I have enough money for the basics so I am happy to be here. Hugs!

Egghead said...

How inspiring and I know you will accomplish these this year. I have camped at Crater Lake and it is so beautiful. But so cold at night so bring very warm sleeping bags.

Marg said...

I identified with at least half of the things that you wanted to do, which tells me that there is a common thread.
The economic crisis is everywhere, but so much depends on how we choose to respond to it....It hurts financially and you hit it on...maybe it's about simplifying and building relationships with family and friends.
We need to continue being real. I know I was there once also and you encouraged me to BE who I need to be...

Take a day off and come join me on my blogging bike tour.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Y,

I love your list...I'm also turning 45, and have some things I would like to see to as well. Some have taken the priority as we speak, so while I've not been posting on my blog, I've been doing fly-by visits at others'. :)

Take a break from blogging if you need; but please don't give it up entirely.
I went thru a time where everything I was thinking to write was down/negative etc...but I found in writing my 'draft', I got all that negative out...then, with that, I then began to find something fun, positive, etc to write about;and, the neg draft met with delete...

Debbie in CA : ) said...

#32 is my favorite!

What a splendid list -- a real gift to yourself.

Dithering about blogging? We all do it. We all wonder if we should be using our time and energy elsewhere. For me, the inspiration comes and I spill it forth. I have spilled more at times than I wish, but such is my nature of honesty and sharing. Authentic ones must be just that.

Blessings to you this day and the next as you sort and sift and embrace the BEST. Don't forget #45 on your list, for it keeps the rest of the list from falling into a dust bin of failure.

I always enJOY my visits to you. : D

GoddessBabe said...

JUST love your post and love your list - I admit that you have covered many of those attributes that are part of the human experience....
I'm a Portlander and love this city!