Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Simple Things

Christinia of Soul Aperture is hosting Simple Things today .The goal is to list things that make you happy that make your soul sing and bring a smile to your face when you think about them. Here is mine.

The smell of rain on parched earth after a dry spell.

The sound of distant thunder and the sight of heat lightning on a summer night(my granny used to say when it thundered that the angels were rolling pumpkins).

The sight of kites above the sand dunes on a summers day here in Oregon.

Tide pooling on the Oregon Coast.

Sparklers at the beach even when its not the fourth of July.

The sound of lawn mowers in the distance on weekend mornings.

The discovery of a birds nest or the sight of a hummingbird.

The angel sounds of children's laughter on the playground,the voice of my husband and family.

The wet noses of my pets against my cheek.

Blowing bubbles and playing with squirt guns in the backyard even when you don't have children.

Buying lemonade from kids selling it on the sidewalk.

Sidewalk Chalk Art.

The feel of my husbands hand on the back of my neck when we are driving.

The joy of comments here on the blog and the new friends I meet through this medium


It being me the smell of books old and new and New and Used Bookstores and Independent Booksellers and libraries. {You knew I had to get books in there somehow}

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. I work the next two days 12 hour shifts and on my birthday Friday .( Although I am grateful to have a job )

Photo above is by Pink Sherbert Photograpy

"Little things. The thought of losing them makes them unbearably dear ... I only think of the sweetness. Simple things. The quarter moon, the taste of an orange. The smell of the pages of a new book." — Patricia Gaffney (The Saving Graces: A Novel)


Willow said...

Great list of simple things. I'm just too tired from travel to participate in this, but I'm enjoying reading others' posts.

rochambeau said...

Dear Yolanda,
What a touching post. The way you described your list made me feel each thing. This has been a wonderful day, reading every ones simple things.

I like the name of your blog.
Your sister in bubble blowing,

SE'LAH... said...

Love so many of these...this is a great list of simple things. you have made me happy.

p.s. thanks for visiting me today

Cloudia said...

This post did it for me!

beth said...

wet animal perfect for something that makes life simple AND beautiful !!!

Char said...

a beautiful post...the simple things are gorgeous

Sue said...

What beautiful thoughts! Simple things for me... most of what you've said and especially books!, fireflies, campfires, both at home and while camping, music -- especially sing-alongs, bird songs, and the stars shining through the trees on a dark night...

Kat said...

What a great list and one I agree with! Thanks for your visit today. I hope you'll come again. I've sure enjoyed my visit here.

BTW...Happy Birthday on Friday.


Christina said...

"Buying lemonade from kids selling it on the sidewalk."

What simple and happy thoughts.

That's what life is about.


Rachel said...

I loved tidepooling in Oregon and Washington when I visited.

pinkfairygran said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on one of my blogs, always so lovely to see a new name, and investigate their blogs in turn... as you say, this is something that makes me smile too, the meeting new people via blogs, wondering will they become lifelong friends, ships that pass in the night, friends for a time only... it matters not. I love also, the feel of my husband's hand in mine when we are out, and the fact he always opens the car door for me, won't sit down at the dinner table until I have, and his wonderful smile. That lifts my soul on those dark days we all sometimes have. And books... well, they are top of the list too. I love the smell of old ones, and especially look out for those inscribed to someone.. I like to daydream about that person! I love the feel of a new untouched book. The calm of old bookshops and the exquisite tingle of excitement when you find a treasure you've been looking for, waiting for perhaps, without knowing.
I loved reading your blog.. I have blogged about the simple things in life a couple of times.. it does us good to remember them don't you think?
Happy Birthday for Friday too x

Jac said...

Hi Yolanda, Thanks for coming to say hello to me on my blog. This idea of Christinas is so lovely, celebrating the simple things in life. So great to come across like minded people! I love that you are a book fan, (I have had a quick look at your other blog also!)and your list is wonderful! I'll be back to have a proper look through your blog soon! :) Oh and Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Yay!

Cedar ... said...

I've never thought about the distant sound of a lawnmower, but it does make me think "safe at home." Good one!

Patti said...

Hi Yolanda~ Thanks for visitng my site again!

I love your post and my list would look very much like yours! On my list I think I would add the smell of coffee- even though I am relatively new coffee drinker- I don't know- the smell just makes me happy...

Happy early Birthday- Hope you enjoy the day!!!

Come back and visit again~

Carolynn said...

I can't imagine working 12 hour shifts. You must be really good at what you do that they don't want you to go home after 8 hours. ;o)

I love your list. It's loving, thoughtful, and playful.

Early in my blogging journey I made a list of 100 Things that I Love and Am Grateful For. It still holds true for me.


Connie said...

Loved your thoughts and decided to play along, unofficially :) Have a great weekend.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Bubbles are perfection, aren't they?! Happy birthday comin' up, Yolanda! (P.S. I think you're a great candidate for trying The Artist's Way!)

Elizabeth said...

you just can't not stop for lemonade stands, it seems impossible

yes, tide pooling on the coast .. must do that soon. though my dog is always with me and he is not really the tide pooling sort :)

LOVE this list

Relyn said...

Oh, Yolanda,

Your list was perfect. Just perfect. I read your lines about heat lightening and instantly went back to my own childhood and the delicious shivers such lightening would bring. Yes.

Carver said...

What a great post and I like the idea of a Simple things prompt. I may try that one of these days. Your shot is of the type playground equipment that was my favorite as a kid.

SandyCarlson said...

That your list is long speaks volumes about the beauty of your expansive heart.

linda may said...

Simple things indeed! Not really but the things that give our soul wings to fly above. Beautiful! You are in my bookmarks list. Pleased to find you and look you up again,\.

Karen Deborah said...

ah this is precious, my garden gives me joy. My family give me joy. My God gives me great joy, and books fellow bibliophile and nurse, give me great joy.
pet kisses? I am just dying to get a new dog.

inlandempiregirl said...

Excellent list... and I love the books!