Thursday, December 10, 2009

I really like this simple image above for an advent calendar idea so cute.

I thought I would share my holiday edition of Simple Things and I hope you will share yours with me.

*The smile it puts on my face when I see Christmas Trees going home on top of cars and trucks to be enjoyed for the holidays.

*The smell of pine , cinnamon,fir and candles burning and sugar cookies baking.

*The old standards on TV -Frosty, Rudolph,National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

*Watching old movies on TCM such as Christmas in CT,The Bells of ST. Mary's

*The memories and the joy I get from unpacking treasured Christmas ornaments and hanging them on the tree

*Receiving surprise Christmas Cards in the mail and online

*Seeing the children in Santa's lap in the mall

*Listening to the kids on the radio tell what they want for Christmas

*The bustle of shoppers this time of year and my town all decked out like something from It's A Wonderful Life with Christmas lights everywhere

*The joy of Christmas plays and pageants especially children's ones

*Christmas music on the radio

*The taste of warm hot chocolate as I sit and watch the Christmas tree lights while all the other lights are out.

*Reading about others holiday traditions while visiting blogs.

*The gorgeous moon glow and clarity to the stars this time of year in the night sky.

*Christmas Eve services at churches locally.

"Make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!" Amanda Bradley


Char said...

those sound perfect - I love seeing "A Christmas Story" every year.

Annie said...

Good morning Yolanda. What a wonderful list you have put together. The one I like best is the clarity of the sky, second from the bottom. There is something very special about a clear night sky and crisp, cool air.

Janna Qualman said...

Sometimes the simplest things mean the most, don't they?

Love those mittens hung across the mantle. You're right; it's such a warm and inviting photo.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I share many of the items on your list. I'm also hooked on the Christmas movies on Lifetime and Hallmark. I love how authors come out with all the Christmas fiction (even if it is fluff) and love eggnog!


Lisa said...

What a sweet list! I enjoyed getting to know more about you!
Hugs, Lisa

Connie said...

from one list maker to it! Working on my Christmas cards :)