Thursday, July 21, 2011

Changes, Changes

It has been awhile since I have posted and I have missed all of you so much.
We have been doing lots of soul searching and after much thought we will be moving back to Nashville in exactly one month. I am presently in the midst of phone interviews for jobs and I think we have found a place to live in Murfressboro TN.
The house we have found as a bonus room which I would love to turn into a craft room or studio.
I am excited and scared but I am up for the challenge . I thrive on change.
I have loved living in Oregon and I will miss her immensely. Oregon is heaven to me but it doesn't include our families and that is what I am missing most.I will be back and I will carry a part of Oregon in my heart forever.
I know that this move is the right thing for us as it will decrease my husbands work hours and allow me to see him more. It will also allow us to be close to our families. It is weird but when I call anyone back home and hear the southern accent it just makes me smile and reinforces my decision that I feel that is right.
I have prayed about this for months and it is beginning to come together and for that I am grateful.
My hope is that once we get settled that we will find a church to attend.
I can't wait to see the hills of Tennessee and Southern Food. I have missed my thunderstorms and Waffle Houses (lol).
I have missed all of you so much and I am glad to be back in this space.
I hope you will continue to read here and follow me back across country to TN.
The time away allowed me to get my thoughts and goals together.
Hope everyone is having a lovely summer.


Cloudia said...

THERE you are!

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral


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< ° ) } } > <

SandyCarlson said...

Enjoy that southern migration! Beautiful. Opportunity....

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Nashville is one of our favorite places to visit. I can certainly understand why you miss it. It is one large city that still feels like a small town. It sounds like quite the adventure...I'm glad you are excited about it!

jojo said...

I'm so happy to see you update. I know how much you wanted to move 'home.' I'm so glad that everything is working in your favour. Keep in touch!

Tina said...

How exciting to be moving back home. And to Tennessee!! I live in the south and I don't think I could ever move to any other place. Such a major decision you have made...I pray that God blesses you with this move and you will be happy to be with your family again.

Willow said...

As a native Oregonian, I understand the way Oregon will always be part of you (and me) even though you won't be living there. Family seems to trump all, doesn't it?
Of course, I'll follow you to the south; blogs are location indepedent :)

Holli said...

Glad to have you back and I'm so happy that this move is working out for you thus far... that's wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me. I wish you and your husband safe and pleasant traveling, and the home and jobs of your dreams.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Good for you! We did the exact same thing last summer. We'd moved to Arizona in 2000, where we proceeded to fall in love with all things blue sky & desert. We made some amazing friends and became deeply rooted in our church there. Then, after ten years we decided we need to be back nearer to our children & grandchildren. I miss some things about AZ, but I can tell you I am sooooo glad we made the move.

Wishing you peace & joy, and smooth transition.


Jon Lee said...

I hope you'll be happy in your new home. It seems like we know where our heart and soul belongs. Tennessee is a beautiful state. I will keep following your blog to see how you're doing.

Cora said...

We are having a thunderstorm here in south Alabama right now!! I love that rumbling sound...God moving furniture around...makes me smile!
Sounds like there are good things waiting for you in Tennessee. Welcome back to the south! Good luck and many blessings....

Thanks for your visit!

Tracy said...

Hi, Yolanda! Wonderful news about your upcoming move! I hope all falls into place well with you getting a job and home in short order. So happy for you! Have thought of you often, though I've not been by for a while. It was so nice to see you visited my place. As you saw, I've been busy setting up a new creative-spiritual blog, as well as getting my Etsy shop up to speed... hence not being around as much... LOL! Great to catch up with you. Happy Summer, my friend :o) ((HUGS))