Friday, January 20, 2012

I am up early waiting for the phone to ring as I am on call today at work. It is my least favorite part of work as you can't plan anything on this day other than sitting by the phone waiting to have to go to work.

Oregon especially Western Oregon is on my mind because they are having very bad flooding the worst since the mid 90's and as most of you after having lived there 5 years this place holds a special place in my heart.

Today I am:

Tasting : Diet Coke which is my way to start the day. I have never really like coffee.
Listening: to the quiet of the house with everyone asleep.
Touching: a fleece blanket that keeps me warm on the couch
Watching:Coast Guard Alaska  on dvr. I find of late I love all the shows filmed in Alaska.
Reading: Dreams of Joy by Lisa See
Outside: it is cold with stars brightly shining. I love winter nights
Inspired by: Karen Russell (please go read her most recent post and follow her link to Momastery)
Smelling : my fake scentsy wax warmer from Wal-Mart that smells like Vanilla.
Wishing: for snow on a weekend that hubby and I don't have to work.
Thankful: that hubby got a job working for the state with benefits.
Anticipating :Springtime.
Dreaming of: going to the beach this summer in either Flordia or North Carolina.


Farm Girl said...

All so nice, I am so glad he got a job!!! That was an answer to prayer. I hope it snows for you too.
Just a very lovely peaceful post.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Happy to hear that your dh has a job!! Those are a few of my favorites...a soft blanket and Coke Zero. Here in Salem, we aren't getting snow but tons of rain.

Lisa said...

Yolanda - thanks for stopping by my blog - will check yours more as it appears we are kindred spirits! I, too, love to read stories (especially true ones) set in Alaska!

Gina said...

Awwww, sounds like a cozy morning. We have been keeping a fleece blanket out to wrap up in. My pets sure love it! :) My husband just started a new job too! This is his second week. How fun to be planning your beach trip now! We have been to the Outerbanks and Holden Beach in North Carolina. Love them both!! :)