Friday, March 24, 2006

Hi! I have started to blog again on blogger. I tried typepad for awhile and being the frugal person I am I couldn't see spending money for something I could get free here. I want to use this blog as my online journal to document my journey thru life and also to share my hopefully budding photography skills. I also hope to learn HTML coding to use here .
On another note I have been shocked over the murder of the minister in Selmer,Tn.I am not so much shocked that it happened but that it happened in that town. I worked about 15 minutes from there for about 7years and lived less than an hour away. It is a little Mayberry type town where the churches are the bedrock of these small southern communites in a way they aren't in the larger cities and the Church of Christ of which he was a minister is ultraconservative so much so they do not allow any type of instrumental music in their church only accapella singing. I am sure it has rocked that little community to the core. Nothing of this magnitude has happened there since the time of Buford Pusser and Walking Tall fame.
It makes you wonder what happened behind closed doors in that home. My heart goes out to the children for they have lost not one but two parents.
I feel like I lead a very boring and normal life but sometime I feel that maybe that isn't such a bad thing after all. I think Normal is good sometime.

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