Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Journey is the Destination:
On Friday my DH and i start on a road trip to the northeast for about 11 days. I will try and post from the road. I plan on taking lots of pics. I love road trips because they allow you to experience new things and see different parts of our country . It always gives me an appreciation of the magnitude and magnificance of our country and its people.Plus I just like spending time with my husband .
It has been a hard couple of months first with my dad illness and death and then losing the baby in december. I just want to go somewhere and enjoy being and doing nothing just enjoying the process and the journey.
I hope to see Springtime in another part of the country. It is such a glorious time of year.
You know sometime when I read people's blogs I wonder if I am abnormal as it seems most of them don't have jobs and if they are women with children they have nannies. I work for a living at a hard job and take care of everything myself.Seems a rarity sometime on the internet world of blogging. That is why people like
Ali and Tara are some of my favorites .They are real women with imperfect lives and I appreciate that.
Here to Enjoying the journey over the next two weeks.

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