Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yahoo!I learned to add links :
I know it has been awhile since I posted but have been busy since returned from our trip to the northeast.
I enjoyed the trip and seeing a part of the country I hadn't seen before.Niagra Falls was magnificent and I really enjoyed our two days in Chicago.I was pleasantly surprised by Chicago and all the neat little neighborhoods and architecture it has.Maine was beautiful especially the coast and Acadia National Park.
This trip although I truly enjoyed it only clarified more my desire to move to the west coast. There are places your soul fills at home and for me that is Oregon,Washington, and California.We have tentatively decided on the Portland area for our move and the fall for when I will go out there and start to work.Since my dad died in Feb there are no real ties to this area anymore and both DH and I are ready for a change.Not that the people here are bad it is just I love nature and the outdoors. I want to be closer to the ocean than we are and the mountains and by moving it would allow me more opportunties for advancement in my nursing career.
Presently where we live is a small southern college town and It is very cliquish and close minded.Very Republican and clannish. The kind of place where if you aren't just like everyone else then you don't fit.Churches don't really make you feel welcome here either.Jobs are give n on the basis of who you know not who is the most qualifed.We both just need a change and the way I have come to look at that is If not know;WHEN. Life is short and I want to live and enjoy it before I am to old or sick to follow my heart.
My mom who died at 67 with breast ca/copd put off living her dreams until she retired and then it was to late and she was sick and couldn't. I guess that is the lesson I have learned from them both.
I hope to use this blog to express my feelings and thoughts on the changes about to take place in my life .
As for the title of this post . I had tried in the past for two days this time to figure out how to add links in the sidebar and I finally figured it out today. A red letter day for me. It takes so little to amuse my Hillbilly self.On to learning how to post pictures the next day I am off.

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