Monday, May 22, 2006

Blue Sky Day:
I took this image in Chicago at Navy Pier on our trip. I love the sky and how the ferris wheel contrasted with it. It is sort of patriotic with the red,white and blue.
It is becoming more real this move out west. The realtor is coming at 5:30 pm to look at he house and tell us what to do to get ready to sell it.I will be getting my license to work there in less than a week. I am so excited and have not had second thoughts. If I ever have have doubts I only have to go to Flickr and look at the photos posted of oregon and know that we are making the right choice.
I am trying to find out/figure out how to do a banner image for the blog. If anyone knows let me know.I am a Photoshop Newbie.
I pray that with today being the start of hurricane season that it will be a calm one for the northern gulf coast as they still haven't begun to recover from Katrina.
I need to go clean a little bit before realtor gets here but I will write more tommorrow. Here's hoping everyone has a good week and Memorial Day Weekend.If you have a chance to talk with a veteran this week Please thank him or her for their service to our country.
A quote for today:Peace begins with a smile-Mother Teresa

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