Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am still playing around with learning to upload images in blogger. This photo was taken with my old camera in Gulf Shores,Ala last june.If you were to look thru my pics over the years you would see so many of the ocean. I have an almost primal connection to it it seems. Near the sea is where I feel most at peace,most myself. I love the oceanside anywhere but my favorite places are the untamed coasts of the world where there is not a lot of development.That is why I so like the Oregon,Washington coast. I like it's wild untamed quality and the fact that you can light bonfires on it and fly kites without falling over hundreds of people laid out on beach towels like hot dogs on a grill.Now don't laugh but when I have ever tried to lay out as they say here on a beach towl I feel like I am roasting.I know this type of behavior must be a dermatoligist's dream.
I guess with all this talk of moving to Oregon most people would people would think I am crazy or going thru some sort of midlife crisis and maybe I am of a sort but that is okay. I feel like I have reached a point in my life where I am finally making decisions as is DH based on what we want and not everyone else. I have spent my life as has he taking care of people at home and at work and now we are doing something for us. It is scary and sometime even I feel like I am loco but I am excited.Sadly it looks as though the nurses out in OR start at what I make here now paywise after 22 years.The scariest part for me is not so much the move as finding a house for us and the animals.I have about decided if it is affordable and has the space we need then it doesn't matter if I end up in a "This Old House" or as a "Double Wide Diva".Here i have found we spend more time outdoors exploring and there will be so much to explore there so I doesn't have to look like a Pottery Barn catalog as long as it is us. Home's are not to me about the material things but about the families that reside within. I firmly believe that some of the happiest families live in small houses in what some would consider the other side of town.Love truly grows within the heart not the things of this world.
Taking stock of what I want in a house I have found that we spend the most time in our house in the kitchen and office areas so that is what I will look for when househunting . I would love to have a small space for my crafting,photography etc. supplies.
On another subject I don't really know who I want to win Idol now. It doesn't really matter but I think none of the final three will have the success that Chris will overall.
On another blog Soozphotoz I saw a meme that I thought i would try.
It was name a list of Life altering events and places.
Life altering Events:
1.The Road Trip out west in 2002 we traveled thru 17 states and it definitely changed my perspective on how I viewed life. The west was everything I imagined it would be and more. It ignited in me the desire to move.
2.Oregon Trip 2003-The big one . It showed me a state that was so rich in natural beauty and had such a laid back group of people that I still think about it everyday. Outside of Lincoln City when we were there a shopkeeper said that to her Oregon was like Eden and it really is especially after living in the south and traveling all over the US. I left my heart there 3 years ago and hope to go back and find it there.
3.The death of my dad and mom. After they both were gone it left me knowing I truly am an adult now .No one in my childhood life left to depend on.It truly makes you feel like a grown up when you lose both your parents.
4.When I met my DH because I left everything to follow him here and I have never regretted it.
Well I will close this long drawn out post but it was just things I had on my heart today.
If you read you must read EAT,PRAY,LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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Jennifer said...

Hi Yolanda! I love the OR coast so much. I'm certain you will too... Welcome to the west! I am going to check out that book.