Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thankful Thursday:
This is a pic of Niagra Falls I took about a month ago when we were there. I am proud of the way it looks because I think it captures the majesty of the falls. On this Thankful Thursday I am grateful that natural beauty like this exists in the world and that I have a camera that I can capture it with.
Other things I am grateful for today:
1.My family
2.My country . I am so glad to be from the USA and so grateful for our veterans who served and still serve to keep us free.
3.Simple pleasures like reading your favorite magazine.My new favorite because it is just my style is this one. ( see up top) I couldn't get it to go where I wanted)
4.NewPhoto Blog reads.Check them out:
2.Gentle Sea
4.Apparently Nothing
5.Two Muses

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Niagra falls - so amazing. I was there about 15 years ago. When you get to the NW be sure to check out Multnomah Falls (in OR) and Snoqualmie Falls (in WA) There are so many beautiful waterfalls around here.