Monday, May 15, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: I do(a week late)
I thought I would do this list a week later for the Self Portrait Challenge so here goes.
I do Love going barefoot and have my whole life . Shoes are the first thing I take off when I come home from anywhere.
I very seldom wear heels usually only to weddings and funerals.

I do believe in a higher power.
I don't attend church because organized religions have never been able to give me the answers I seek and don't seem to allow for the differences in each of us as human beings.

I do love the ocean.
I don't like the flat lands of MS and Arkanasas.

I do vote in elections for the person I feel most deserves the job .
I don't vote bypartisian and the older I get the more liberal minded I get.(a blue dot in a red state for now)

I do treasure Old Friends.
I don't have any desire to ever go to a high school class reunion.

I do believe in the right of all people to make informed choices regarding their life.
I don't think that any organized religion or group has the right to push their beliefs on others.

I do believe in the value of a public school education.
I don't think enough money is spent in this country for our public schools .

I do find the most peace for my soul in the outdoors.
I don't find it in organizatons or material things.

I do love the potato in all its forms.
I don't like brocolli or brussels sprouts.

I think that vince and I have about decide that I will go out to oregon ahead of him in 10 weeks . This is exciting and scary but I am so ready the older I get the more I am ready to move on to a more liberal minded place than MS.

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