Monday, May 15, 2006

The Book I would write:
For sunday scribblings-If I were to write a book it would be a book of a women who goes thru tragedies and changes but who comes out on the other side valuing her worth and seeing herself for the true individual she is and the strength she possess's. To finally realize the value she has as a person without being a carbon copy of another.
I am presently reading EAT,Pray,LOve by Elizabeth Gilbert and I really love it so far. It ranks up there with Anne Lamott in the quality of writing that she does. I especially like her analogy of god as a brown dog from the pound(no disrespect) you just have to read it .This is very much how I see religion also.
Yesterday was a hard day. I didn't think much about it at first but coming home from work it hit me. I still miss my Mom a lot and I miss her still every day and my Granny. My Mom is gone now and it made me sad to think that if things has worked out differently I would have been 7 months pregant this Mothers day. I still feel anger toward a higher power that I can't explain that my one chance at motherhood was taken away after I had tried for years. I still deal with this every day and wish I didn't feel this way but I do .
On the big Scrapbooking site today Two Peas there was a big thread that bashed some famous scrapbookers for their styles and this is my feelings on the subject.
Most of the women who are famous in this hobby are deservedly so for their talent and I feel that you shouldn't go on a public forum like that and bash them.They have feelings too and they have attained the success they have for a reason and in my honest opinion if you would take the time you spend bashing people and posting meaningless threads like this on message boards then you might have the success they do.Why do people think it is okay to try to criticize others in this matter?
Art to me is subjective and what one person likes another may not and that is what makes it art and wouldn't the world be much more dull if we all like the same things. I admire and respect others creativity and feel that if you want the same type respect you should give it in turn.

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