Monday, May 08, 2006

I have been fighting some sort of UTI for a month now and I just feel yucky.It feels like I have anchors tied to both my legs so I guess I will go to bed early.
I feel drained to after the turnover of my dad's land. Not at the idea of letting it go but just that my dad let the place get in such a shape before he died .The inside of that house looks like what I imagine an Alzheimer's patients brain looks like or someone with dementia. All jumbled up. It saddens me that things that I wanted to keep of my moms I can't because he let that woman and her dogs destroy the whole house and all my moms stuff. All that I found of my mom and dads 37 years of marriage to salvadge was a trunk and a small wood file box.It just makes me so sad inside and so angry at the B**** who took everything he had I hope that someday she has to answer to a higher power for what she did. It makes me angry that all the money he gave her I could have used to go to China and get a child thru international adoption or my sister for my nephew. I hate that I have such feelings of ill will for her but I do.
I promise a more positive post tommorrow or wed . It is just how I feel tonight and I wanted this blog to express how I feel and not be all happiness and fluff because in the real world that isn' t how it is for most of us.

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whitney said...

Hope things get better for you, I am a believer that this woman will get what is coming to her one day. I found your blog on artsymamas site for the book of dreams - are you doing a book? Saw in your profile you are an RN. So am I so I thought I would say hi. I always like to talk to other RNs because they know what it is like to come home after a hard day at the hospital!