Sunday, May 07, 2006

This weeks topic for Sunday Scribblings is shoes. I am not your average woman in regards to shoes I don't have a pair for every ourfit. When I find a pair that fit and feel good I wear them forever. I have a Pair of Birk's that I have had for 9 years that aren't much to look at but feel better than any pair of shoes I have because over time they have molded to fit my feet. I can' t bring myself to throw them away because they are just so comfortable.These shoes have been with me longer than most marriages nowdays and are like old friends.When I see people with Birks I know they are kindred spirits because for the most part they are naturals who are aunthentic and don't wear shoes just to impress.
The other pair of shoes I wear are the white New Balance shoes I have for work they have carried me thru so many twelve hour shifts .They have seen countless battles for life and death in hospital rooms over the years I have had them and have walked an unimaginable amount of steps.
On this topic. I can remember growing up my mom and dad didn't have money (we were poor) and until I got old enough to buy my own shoes I never had a pair that didn't come from walmart or Fred's. I remember I bought my first pair of converse tennis shoes when I was fifteen and they made me feel so grown up and like I finally had something the popular kids had.Oddly enough shoes are still items by which we rate our popularity in today's culture.
Last night while watching a show on the Travel Channel. It showed the Masai in Africa and the fact that they make their own shoes out of rubber from discarded auto tires.It is amazing what we in the western world take for granted isn't it?
On another note. Tommorrow will be when we hand over ownership of my dad's land to his nephew and will be when I cut ties to that chapter of my life. Although I am happy to start this new chapter of my life I am sad too that I am no longer anyone's daughter.That I can truly never go home again to the home I grew up in. I think this makes you truly and adult.
The idea of the move is getting more and more real . I even dreamed about it last night.I also know that I am on the right track with what I am passionate about as I dreamed about Photography . I think I have found my passion and my voice for artistic expression.
I know that tommorow will be bittersweet but it will be for the best because it will allow us to move forward with the next chapter of our lives.

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