Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lightning Bugs and Memories

We were riding home from my dad's old house about a week ago and I saw the first fireflies of the season.Oddly enough this brought back so many memories of when I was small. Growing up in the south in the spring and summer at twilight you could go outside and there would be thousands of them coming up . My Granny who I am the most like of all my family would get me an old Ball canning jar and puch holes in the top and I would catch them but let them go.I remember taking such pleasure in this and my faithful dog Nosey who was a collie/shepherd mix would follow along with me wherever I went.
Twilight has always been my favorite time of day . Growing up where I did we didn't have beaches and the ocean but tilled fields and ponds so on spring days when the tractors would till up the fresh ground I would go out and look at the stars and dream of my future while running my bare feet thru the dirt and listening to the frogs mating calls from the pond.
As I look back on this time in my life I realize that it can teach me something for the future and that is this.To this day the things I remember from my childhood are not the things my parents bought me(except maybe my purple bike and my drowsy doll) but things that I experienced and learned. I learned from my granny and mom that the simple things ,the things that money can't buy are what I remember most.Even now it is the times with family and friends that I cherish most and not the material things that I buy or think I need. Things are not what make people happy.
A friend once told me that you create your own happiness and I believe that she was right.What memories of your childhood do you cherish?
Oddly enough when I walked in the garden I would dream of living out west and oddly enough within the next few months I will be.
Please check out Ali Edwards new banner on her blog. Her banner is my sentiments regarding the name of my blog. It is okay to be imperfect.PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.

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