Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge:
On May 1 started this months Self Portrait Challenge of introducing yourself. I have decided to do as Boho Girl is doing and share oddball tidbits about myself. Hopefully by next week I will have mastered the art of uploading pics to blogspot. I think I will call this little feature The Easy Breezy Yo-Yo Sharings:
I will share five things today and you will proably leave" thinking well isn't she strange!"
1. I eat things on my plate one thing at a time and don't like my different foods touching or running together like my peas and creamed potatoes.
2.In my search as a child to belong I once rubbed poison oak on myself because the popular girls had it and I wanted to be like them. Can you say stupid! Needless to say I paid for it. I had it in my eyes and mouth and all over. Not a Good Thing.
3. I guess my favorite color is green and blue and purple and oddly enough I am becoming a fan of brown. Oh well, I guess it depends on my mood.
4. I have a big head(lol) no I have Chiari Syndrome where part of my brain is down in my spinal cord.It is congential and I didn't know I had it till I was 37 . Mainly it just affects my neck and is thought to be what cause the fibromyalgia I have. I liveand work with it. Everybody has there on crosses to bear
.5.I love birds all types. My favs are owls,woodpeckers,herons,gulls,martins,indigobuntings and bluebirds.Did I mention I like birds.

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Thats all for now here is hoping Chris does good on american idol tonight.

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