Saturday, June 03, 2006

Earliest Memory:
For Sunday Scribblings:
I have several earliest memories. I guess my earliest memory was sitting in the kitchen with my back against the refridgerator and looking at a Little Golden Book or Dr. Seuss.Anyone for Green Eggs and Ham? My mom and granny would cook together in the afternoon after work and while they cooked with John Chancellor and David Brinkley in the background I would look at my books Or the World Book Encyclopedias.My Mom and Dad were so proud of the World Books because they opened up so much of the world before the computer age. I can remember going to the World Books and looking up places I had read about in my books or seen on tv and reading about them. I remember they had articles in there about world cultures that I looked at freqently ,as wells as science project ideas and an atlas of the body.Another book that I used till it fell apart was The Little Golden Book of Illustrated Bible Stories. My favorite was Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors and Moses and the Bullrushes.There is that recurring theme of books again.

Growing up my mom worked so I stayed with my granny and I remember she had this old transistor radio brown and beige and it would only pick up country music. The first song I ever remember hearing was Delta Dawn by Tanya Tucker and The Pill by Loretta Lynn.Our Tv would only pick up three channels. Hee Haw was the highlight of the week back then.Those were my earliest music memories except going to the cafe with my dad and getting a hairbrush and pretending like I was a singer like on Laugh In or Sonny and Cher.
My favorite TV shows growing up were Wild Kingdom,The Wonderful World of Disney(when Kurt Russell was actually youg),and Emergency and the Rockford Files. Another recurring theme of the outdoors and California.
I also would put up my chalkboard that I had in our hall and pretend I was a teacher. I would use a flag stick as a pointer like that the teachers had at school.
I also remember when they showed the man walking on the moon and I went out on our backporch and looked up at the moon thinking I could see them there.
I also remember proably when I was about three I stayed with my great aunt Matt she lived out in the country and once a month the peddler would come round on a wagon pulled by a mule with things like pots,pans,flower etc on the side and in it. This was in the late sixities .I also remember that then you could buy your oats and it would have a glass in it . It was called Cyrstal Wedding oats ana a lot of the laundry detergent came with a free dish towel .I also remember that even then a lot of my relatives had outhouses and I was scared that something was going to come out of the ground when you sat on it and get me.
So many precious memories that I will cherish forever.

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paris parfait said...

Your lovely post brought back so many memories. Thank you!