Friday, June 02, 2006

Grateful Friday:
Thanks for allowing me my pity party yesterday. I am much better today but I feel sometimes it just helps to get out in the open how you feel on days like yesterday so you can understand and move forward from it and I know we all have days like that.
Another potential buyer came to look at the house today. Maybe the third time will be the charm if this one doesn't buy the house.We are starting to pack up my scrapbooking,art supplies tommorrow and next week will start going thru clothes and the like . I want to use this move as a time to simply my life and get rid of a lot of clutter as I have pack rat tendencies.
Here is a quote that I received from Real Simple Daily quote and I thought I would share as it so resonated with where I am in my life right now.
"Believe when you are most unhappy,that there is something for you to do in the world.So long as you can sweeten anothers pain,life is not in vain."-Helen Keller
If you like home decorating you should check out this site for wall art-Wonderful Graffiti.
I also have found a new blog I like for the photograppy-Life is Beautiful.
We went to a local state park and took some photos the afternoon .I hope some turned out. If they did Iwill post some probably next week or tommorrow night. I have to work sunday/monday so if I miss a couple of days posting that is why.
I wonder what the topic for Sunday Scribblings will be this week?
Hope everyone has a Wonderful Weekend.

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Sarah said...

Hi Yolanda! First of all, thanks so much for your comment and for the link in your post today! Me too I am craving to declutter! But somehow that has seemed like such a tremendous task and I never know where to start! If you have any tips, would you share?! :O) Good luck with the sale of your house! Summer is a perfect time to sale! I'm sure you'll have a few offers in soon! :O)