Thursday, June 15, 2006

Free Association:
First this is a pic of my nephew the first time he saw the ocean in Cocoa Beach,Fla. when went to Disney World.I love the pic because of the utter joy you see him taking as the waves crash around his feet. I hope to have a little bit of that joy and excitement when I experience new things.
I saw this on Life's Snapshots it is called Unconscious Mutterings so I thought I would try it.You take a word prompt and write whatever comes into your mind first.

Tan:healthy,bed,summer,skin cancer,what i wish I had.
Customize:specific, tailored,expensive,neat.
Solid: foundation and Firm.
Forbidden: restricted,fruit, and not allowed.
Torment: terroize,constant ,emotional pain.

You should try it it is amazing what you come up with.
Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days but have been busy packing . The realtor said to get rid of most of the stuff in the house so it will look larger when they show it. We have been packing and taking stuff to the storage stall. It amazing the stuff you accumalate in a few short years.
You should check out Ali Edward's new blog What is your happiness today? if you drop by tell me what yours is.
I found a neat site for photographers called Photoquotes.

I will leave with a quote: You don't take a photograph.You ask,quietly,to borrow it. Author Unknown.

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Jennifer said...

today I wore a pretty shell necklace my sister bought me when she was in Hawaii last year - that made me happy :)