Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hydrangeas and Haiku:
I love these flowers they seem to symbolize to me summer,cottages and growing up.I love how some are purple others blue.
My attempt at a haiku. This weeks theme at One Deep Breath is pathways. The pic I posted yesterday will be my reference point for this haiku.Don't laugh now it is my first attempt.

The wind thru the pines,
tentative footsteps to the future-
A bridge linking -
The pathway ends veiled by mystery.
Who knows the mysteries it holds.

Poet I am not I think.

The Support links on my sidebar are there for a reason. Each one is special to me.
My mom died four years ago of breast ca(hence the SBK foundation),my dad died of alzheimers(hence Alz associaton),St. Judes( such wonderful work-such a special place),Operation Smile,Nothing but Net,and Cure Autism for the fact each of this groups take such a small amt of money and make such a big difference in the world.They also have as their primary focus children.

Today is International Refugee Day.It makes me ponder after reading ParisParfait's post. Any move including the one I am about to make I have made by choice. Imagine to wake up one morning and have to home,no country.I am grateful beyond measure to be an American.

I will try to post tommorrow night,thurs and friday night have to work the next couple of days. We leave Sat to go to Oregon for five days to settle on jobs,housing etc. I will take lots of pics.More Ocean Pics I'm sure. I will try to post while there.
So excited right now and a little scared .Almost everything is out of the house.It doesn't feel like my house anymore.
I will leave you with a Quote that seems to fit with the name of my blog:
"Better to do something imperfectly than do nothing flawlessly"-Robert Schuller.

Edited to add:Check out Greta's blog where she blogs about much the same topic today of embracing our imperfections.


paris parfait said...

I think your poem is really lovely, as are the photos. Thank you for the reference to my post about refugees.

Hope you have a wonderful time in Oregon - I look forward to reading about it and seeing those photos! :)

Jennifer said...

Yolanda, your poem is good! no appologies needed! How I love hydrangeas :)

Bohemian Girl said...

beautiful haiku.