Monday, June 19, 2006

This was the prompt for Sunday Scribblings I was gone so I didn't get to do this one till now.This one for me was harder and it is funny but who doesn't need laughter right?
Growing up we didn't have much money and lived in an old house that had a hall down the center,with a tin roof and a chimney.It had a large pecan tree in the yard. In the summer it would get so hot and we only had one air conditioner so me and my sister would sleep on the floor on a mattress in front of the air conditioner. Well one night I woke up and felt something tickling my leg, but it was big and had claws.When we threw the cover back it was a flying squirrel that had flown down the chimney in the dead of night and got in bed with us. Needless to say it was a sight and the poor thing was as scared as we were. I never think of summer without thinking of the night I went to bed with a squirrel.
For unconscious mutterings:
voice:singing,beautiful , definitely not mine.
us:me and hubbie,family,friends.
Passionately:my husband,photography and my furry children.
love songs:Barry Manilow(LOL),Barry White(a theme of barry's I think),country music.
Calendar:keeper of days,marker,moves much too fast.
careless:lazy,no pride,risky.
Good:thing,time,food and friends.
Will post more tommorrow.

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Jennifer said...

first of all - what a pretty photo (looks like a good "pathways" haiku inspiration - we are beginers too you know)

second - what a great story, I would FREAK to have a flying squirrel in my bed!