Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mystery and Hurricanes:

Hurricane Katrina Satellite Image
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While looking thru the Flickr gallery I found this photo from Gisuser and I thought it was appropriate for today as NOAA has just listed the first named tropical depression headed toward Fla. My prayer is that all the storm's this year stay clear of the northern gulf coast as they are just now starting to rebuild and recover

This weeks prompt for Sunday Scribblings is Mystery.The question for this week is if you could have any mystery answered what would it be?
I guess mine would be: What is my purpose here? I know that we all ask ourselves this at one time or the other but I struggle with what am I supposed to be doing with my life. You would think that by 42 which I will be Monday that I would know but I still don't. I guess I will never know till after this life.I will just continue to strive toward what I hope is the correct way or will for my life.
The other mystery I would have answered would be (is there really a higher power?)

I believe there is but sometimes I just don't see how he allows the things in the world that go on to continue. I would like that answered. Along with where are all the things I continue to misplace and never find again.LOL. But really I guess It is better that we don't have all the answers to life's mysteries because if we did then we wouldn't continue to strive to be better people and to find our true path in life. I am sure if I could see what the future had in store for me it might either make me happy or scare me to death so I think that in the end the Mysteries of Life make life to me that much more special.
The things that are mysterious yet beautiful to me are Hummingbirds in flight,fireflies and how they glow, the uniqueness of each snowflake, the familal bonds of mammals such as whales and elephants, how rainbows form and the formation of human life from two chromosones.Life is that much more beautiful for her mystery.
Now having said all that I still love me a good mystery book. I grew up thinking myself a Nancy Drew and if I had to chose another career I would like to be a CSI . I like seeing how all the little things come together to form the big picture.

Hope everyone has a good week and look forward to reading your entries for this week.


GoGo said...

I have the same questions as you do. I am finding for the higher power question, its still a big gamble sometimes, but every time I try to ask the higher power directly - are you there? Show me a sign, so that if you guide me I can follow...I get answers.

Like on my blog tonight.

Then again, who the hell knows if its all in my head!

Another wondering soul, lost and found, GoGo.

krista said...

Yeah, where are all those missing things. Like my digital camera? that is a mystery to me. One day it was just- gone.

Susannah said...

"Life is that much more beautiful for her mystery." - my feelings too... Sx

paris parfait said...

Lovely post! I wonder about those missing things too. Hope you have a beautiful birthday celebration and a fantastic year ahead! xo

Jennifer said...

so great to read your thoughts - mystery is a good thing I think...