Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bloggie Makeover:
After many unsuccessful attemts per myself to make a blog banner. I was thrilled to see this past weekend that Boho of Chronicles of Me(see link in side bar) has starting making banners for people for a fee. I let her have free reign and this is what she came up with . It is so me without her ever having met me. I love it. I will continue to attempt to learn Photoshop 4 it will not get the best of me. I am just a techo novice.LOL.
Outside here it is thundering. I love summer thunderstorms. I remember growing up that when it would thunder my granny would tell me the angels were rolling pumpkins.I still think about that when i hear thunder.Yesterday, when making my bloggie rounds I saw this Team Hoyt on Tara W's Blog and it so inspired me and made me cry .The love for this father for his son is totally an inspiration.
I have been in a down mood this week I think because I know that had I not lost the baby in December this would have been the month and close to the week that I would have been due. I guess in some way I still grieve for this child I never got to know and for the fact that at my age of 42 there will be no other chances for me to experience pregancy .I feel bad in some ways that I can't seem to "just get over it" as I had a friend tell me. It helped to read Boho's post of several days ago about the same thing. I try my best to be happy for all my friends who are pregant but it just hurts somewhere deep inside.
I only have 2-3 more weeks at work before I quit to move to Oregon. I am excited. I will not miss this job I have now ,the people yes, but not the facility. I get so tired of answering people when they say "Why would you want to move there"? Here in the south most of the people here think this is the only place in the world to live or in this part of the south anyway. They think you are crazy to ever want to live anywhere else.
I think of it differently.
This is how I see this move .If i know nothing else I know from losing my mom,dad, and the baby in the span of four years that life is short,you only live once, and if you put off what you want to do till the future(when you retire,etc t he future might be to late as none of us are guranteed this.
I love the area we are moving too, the people of the northwest, the sheer natural beauty of the northwest and the job opportunities that an area of this size will afford me.It feels so much like home to me in a way that MS never has even though I have lived most of my life here.
In other news, I love the show Project Runway on Bravo tv. The new season started last night and my favorites for this season are the mother of five(can't remember her name ) and Robert(the barbie designer) and I like the afro-american guy(can't remember his name either,) who made his dress out of coffee filters. I also sort of like Uli.
You should check this program out if you haven't ever watched it.
The photo for today is of wildflowers in Oregon. I love how they just grow on the roadside .Daisies are some of my favorite flowers.

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Susannah said...

Your new banner looks beautiful and suits your blog so well :-)

i just wanted to send you a hug after reading what you wrote about losing the baby - and specifically about what your friend said to you (which shocked me so much). you are grieving and need to be allowed to feel all your emotions - i know what it feels like when friends and society at large makes us feel we should be healed quickly, that we should be 'back to normal' but it doesn't work like that. i am so sorry for your loss - you take all the time you need. i wish you luck with your move and salute you for grabbing life's experiences with such a wonderful attitude. big hugs x