Monday, July 17, 2006

Ferris wheel photo for Joleen's shapes Challenge Chicago skyline for One Deep Breath
Lobsters and Life:

Have you seen the Lobster photo on yahoo photos or on Happy if not go look at it.In Happy news look on enviromental or nature news. Isn't it unique?This photo made me start thinking about my life and how very like this lobster I am right now. Let me explain.
The lobster as you can see by looking at his photo is half his usual color and half red.I feel like I am like that right now with half of me as my old self ,in the past, and half of me in the future like the lobsters other half. I feel like I am straddling both worlds.An oddity of sorts. It seems that most people by my age have their life figured out but I continue to change and evolve like this lobster.I don't necessarily feel that this is a bad thing. Recently I read that when lobsters go to molt or shed their old shells they retreat into a hole or a quite place and that is where I feel I am now shedding my old skin for a new skin.I feel like I am about to embark on the second half of my life. I think that at 42 I have come to realize that if I live the average length of years that I have less years left than I have lived. That in itself is a sobering thought.
I highly recommend the book A Year by the SEA by Joan Anderson.It reminds me of Eat,Pray,Love but from a different perspective .
I love finding Beach Glass and in this book she says that she feels like beach glass is a lot like life: not the glass as it was used in its former life: but softented and shaped by the ebb and flow of the waves into a new function and beauty.I feel that , and hope that this is what is taking place in my life. I want the broken and ragged pieces of my life to be softened by time to create a thing of peace and inner beauty.
This weeks topic on One Deep Breath is urban living. Here is my attempt at the haiku for this week. So here it is:

Honking horns
Cacaphony of birds
Symphony of the urban jungle.

Now I know it proably isn't good but it is my attempt at this new thing I am learning :Haiku.

"If you can risk getting lost somewhere along the day you might stumble upon openings that link you to your depths."-Anonymous.
Edited to add: I thought of another Haiku for this prompt.
Red taillights
like ants marching into the night
returning to the colony.

Ferris wheel photo for shapes challenge on {Love,joleen} blog.


Tammy said...

I loved the image you created and that last line was fabulous :)

Jennifer said...

very good haiku! I really enjoyed your thoughts on the beach glass too.

Sandy said...

I like them both, but the ant one is so fitting! I can see that.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Two excellent haiku - especially the ants! I take it the birds are crows or gulls.....

Catherine said...

My grandmother lived to nearly 104 - so I figure that in my fifties, I still have half my life left - and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up :)

susanlavonne said...

wow...your imagery is astounding! you must be so pleased with yourself because your "first attempts" are superb.