Thursday, July 20, 2006

Poetry Thursday:
The prompt for this week's Poetry Thursday is sex. Although I didn't write this poem but found it . I give credit to Master Revelation for it's creation.I really like this poem because it is funny and so sadly appropriate for those of us at middle age. LOL.

I'm Breathless
I'm not too fit,I'll have you know
I'm overweight and rather slow
But when I run, I manage though
I'm Breathless!

Though in the past it was not thus,
I am not one to swear or cuss,
Except that I am trying to catch a bus,
I'm Breathless!

When as a youth,I used to play
with sweet young ladies in the hay,
The girls would be the one to say;
I'm Breathless!

At sport I'd always stay the course
I was as strong as any horse
but now with just a little force,
I'm Breathless!

I guess my life has reached the stage,
When these things happen at my age.
If all my passions I assuage,
I'm Breathless!

I have my annual body checks,
and find out if I need new specs,
But sadly when I'm having sex,
I'm Breathless!

No longer now do I aspire
To climb a mountain,walk on fire;
Instead I curb each wild desire,
I'm Breathless.

Master Revelation-author with credit given

I am very new to poetry but trying to learn and finding that I like it very much.
I really like this poem as it sums up my take on this subject even on this topic it should still be about fun and not taking yourself too seriously.


Sandy said...

Hi, This is Sandy from Gardenpath, thanks for stopping by my site.

I like your choice of poems for this week. I have been thinking of starting poetry thursdays, but after seeing the prompt for this week, decided to wait until the next one!

Isn't Oregon pretty? I was born there, in Salem. How long have you been there?

Tammy said...

LOL Loved it! Glad you're getting your feet wet :)

Susannah said...

This poem is such fun - and so true :-) i'd glad to hear you're dipping your toe in the poetic water - perhaps one day you'll share one of your own with us....? x

Jennifer said...

Too funny! I only found a love of poetry since January this year & I fell hard and fast!

Colorsonmymind said...

I liked this poem a lot.

I am pretty new to poetry is truly wonderful:)

I like your banner too.