Monday, July 24, 2006

This is one of my favorite photos taken on the coast of Oregon between Lincoln City and Florence.
I cannot believe that the temp got to 105 degrees in Eugene and the Wilhamette Valley this weekend. I truly believe that this is a result of global warming.I feel we are doing so little to curb the effects we are doing tothe environment.
I didn't participate in Sunday Scribblings this week the topic just didn't speak to me.Maybe next week.
I am going to try to write the haiku's for this weeks prompt on One Deep Breath tommorrow the topic this week is Perspective .
I am closely watching the trials of the Doctor and Nurses in New Orleans. I can see both sides of the issue but I also know and many of the people from the area who have moved here or who have gone to volunteer in previous hurricanes are saying they will not go back again. I think that with the next big storm to hit the area they will find very few volunteers and that is said the we live in such a sue happy society that professionals may not stop to help you and stay to help you in a situation such as this for fear they will be charged and lose their careers and face prison terms. I believe that no one truly knows what happened and it is hard to judge their actions unless you were in their shoes. Just my two cents worth.
I got my Oregon Nursing license today and am so proud of it. It is just another step toward the move.
I will post more tommorrow.
Apparently I like this photo a lot since I have used it twice in a week and didn't realize it.


Colorsonmymind said...

I love this photo too:)

paris parfait said...

Great photo! Congrats on your Oregon nursing license! Yes, global warming. As for the situation in New Orleans, that's tragic all around. I still can't believe how New Orleans residents were let down (and still are being let down) by the government.