Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Two Cents

Photo of church in Bay ST. Louis,MS by twbth from flickr.

On Friday when I checked out this weeks topic for Sunday Scribblings this topic came to mind but then I thought no, maybe not, it is just too controversial but the topic wouldn't go away and so here are my thoughts.
Although in a few weeks we will be moving to Oregon I am a 5th generation Mississippian and no matter where I go that will never change. Southern roots are like our kudzu vine they cling to you whereever you go.
Please take a moment and go to flickr and look at photos from this event. I have many from the before from visits there but they are in boxes in the storage stall awaiting the move.
This and all the communties on the MS Gulf Coast were and still are totally devasted but then as now you hear very little about this coast or even the small communties outside of New Oreleans which were decimated. I am not saying that the tragedy in New Orleans was not bad it is and was but there were others in the region totally destoyed as well who haven't gotten the press or the help they deserve. The MS Coast was a working coast of mostly middle class people who do like most of us and make an honest living on the docks,in the casinos and shrimping . It was a coast filled with history and old antebellum homes from the civil war. It was also a coast destroyed by Hurricane Camille in the 60's who rebuilt herself. This coast is not a coast of people who feel sorry for themselves they are survivors who pick themselves up and go forward.
In less than a month it will be the one year anniversary of the tragedy and many have still never gotten their insurance money, the state of MS is suing a large number of the big insurance companies for not paying anything after the trust which had been placed in them. I guess all I am trying to say is this. I hope that we all learned from this tragedy valuable lessons and that we not forget people affected by this tragedy and that there are always other communties affected when tragedy stikes that need your help just as much as those that get all the TV coverage and cause Celeb. So with the anniversary I ask that you remember the MS Gulf Coast and those there who still struggle to put their lives back together as well as those in New Oreleans.
Just my two cents.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

An amazing photo! So sad. :(

(ps Your link on SS isn't working; you might ask them to repost...)

Jennifer said...


and don't get me started on insurance companies!