Monday, July 31, 2006

Where I wish I was today: On the Oregon Coast.

Growing up Hee Haw was on the TV here each Sat night and often Junior Samples and Ernie Campbell would be on there in a skit of two farmboys drinking moonshine and singing in their overalls.
Ruin,despair,agony on me ,
deep dark depression,excessive misery,
If it weren't for bad luck I would have no luck at all.

I kind of feel like that today.Last weekend we had car trouble and had to be towed 70 miles home and today the pump on our well has gone out and we have no water and on top of that about seven or eight people have looked at the house and no one has made an offer. I guess I am just getting discouraged. I so want things to quit tearing up and the house to sell so both my husband and I can go to Oregon at the same time.I hope that any of you reading this will send good thoughts our way.
I know this too will pass but I just want things to work out for the better.
I have been missing my parents this weekend especially my mom there are so many times I just wish I could ask her things and hear her voice again.If I could give any advice today it would be to tell those you love that you love them often and if you still have your parents pick up the phone and call them often.
I promise the next time I post which will proably be thurs. that I will be upbeat. I have to work two twelves the next two days so proably will not post.
Some days I wish I could fly like the gulls in the pic.Don't you?


b/sistersshoes said...

Yes Yolanda...I do wish I could fly away's probably a good thing God didn't give human beings wings because I don't think we would ever finish anything! :)

Hee Haa ~ a long ago memory of the entire family sitting around the TV.

Keep the faith my gold, we purify in the fire.

Sorry to hear about a chronic pain disorder...part of the fire we burn I guess.

Sending you good thoughts and a deep cleansing breath for what tomorrow may bring :)

There's always room for happiness...have a happy today, tomorrow....forever...

xxx Darlene

Jennifer said...

oh boy, sending good thoughts