Thursday, August 03, 2006

Reason #567 why I love oregon

Photo of Astoria ,Oregon by P2wy from flickr

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I have been busy applying for jobs in Portland online and working to pay for the $900.00 it cost to fix the well and now don't laugh but the night the well pump stopped working the car broke down again and had to havean alternator put in that cost $500.00 plus $400.00 for labor. We went to pick it up today.
I love this picture from flickr taken by p2wy . It shows one of my most favorite places in Oregon.It is in Astoria where the Pacific and the Columbia meet.It is also called the Little San Francisco of the Northwest. It is where the move Kindergarten Cop was filmed as well as Goonies.
It really does look like this picture. This town is about an hour or so drive from Portland.
The Mountains you see in the distance are across the Columbia in Washington state.
I will post more tommorrow. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by.

"The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake-you can't learn anything being perfect."-Adam Osborne


liz elayne said...

so beautiful. we haven't been yet, but i can't wait to go there some time (soon i hope). the pacific northwest is just home isn't it? so glad you are almost here!

Jennifer said...

I love Astoria! Such a fun a quirky little town. Gotta go up the tower (Astoria Column) and fly a little toy plane off. The view is amazing from up there and worth the climb.

kelly rae said...

i am so jealous you are moving to oregon. i've lived in portland for 7 years and just moved to san fran (hubby in graduate school for next 2 years). we will certainly move back to portland after our time here. you will LOVE it. i could go on and on. you should take a look at my blog entry "sunday scribblings - why i live where i live" and you will see all sorts of pics of portland the region.