Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Fav's:

First I want to wish Jennifer of Life's Snapshots a very Happy Birthday!Go by her blog and wish her a good one.
I hope to take some new photos this weekend.It is so hot and humid here it feels like you are in a sauna all the time.It makes everyone sluggish and tired. Here it isn't so much the heat but the humidity that does it to you.Hope it is cool where you are.
I have found some new blogs I want to share:

1.Cream Puffs in Venice it is a foodie blog with wonderful recipes and beautiful food photograpy.

2.The Second Helping House also a foodie blog but with a down home feel.

3.Out of Hand it is from the great creative scapbooker Rebecca Sower . I have always liked her style.

Are their ever words you just like that make you smile or is this just one of my quirks?
I really like the word Smigle it is a combination of the word a Smile and a Giggle. I also like Coterie which is French I believe for an intimate gathering of friends.I think that anyone who comes to the blog here is included in that for me.

Here is hoping you stay cool this weekend.

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Jennifer said...

thanks for the b-day wish! The RS blog is cool!!!