Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Oregon Coast
Originally uploaded by landa102.

This photo was taken between Yaquina and Florence Oregon. I think it is one of my favorites because I caught both the foreground and background elements.
The fifth person came to look at our house today and the painters are here painting our house back to the builders biege. It doesn't feel like home here anymore as everything we have except a few things are packed up in boxes. I hope that the next person that looks at the house will buy it.
I wish I was back where this pic was taken right now.
I am inspired daily by other creative souls in blogland.One of whom is Soozphotoz .She is an amazing photographer.I am amazed by the talent of this Digital Diva Dreamy.Rhonna is such a super nice person and I only wish I had half the talent she has with Photoshop.
Continuing with the meme I started the other day here are the 8's
8 First's
Kiss:@ 8 Stanley M. it was yucky at the
Best Friend:my dog Nosey
Vehicle drove: A 1973 or so gold Plymouth Charger I think . I learned to drive in a pasture my our house all I had to avoid was the ditch.
Job:15 yo and I typed warrants for my dad who was a Justice of the Peace.
Date: Went to the skating rink where I promptly sprained my ankle being the klutz I am.
Pet:Tarzan the dog.
Share some of your firsts won't you.


Neasa said...

Hi Yolanda - thanks for visiting my blog. I love your blog's name, btw.

This is a beautiful pic - you did a great job with it - it looks very serene & yes, there's a pleasing look to both back & foregrounds. Nice work!

Best, Neasa

paris parfait said...

Beautiful photo! Hope you get back there soon, sweetie! Good luck w/ the house.