Monday, August 14, 2006

Cuppa Java

Photo orginally uploaded to Flickr by Cybersooz

Although I don't drink coffee or hot tea I thought I would still try to participate with a haiku and a photo from flickr. The credit for this photo goes to cybersooz from flickr.

Early morning ritual
Steam rises from the cup

For One Deep Breath


Jennifer said...

I thought there might be a few non-coffee drinkers out there. We shall have to convert you when you move ;) Portland is a coffee mecca!

Sandy said...

That shot works great. I am having my morning coffee now! Very good for a non-drinker.

mikim said...

This is great! You've captured this "early morning ritual" beautifully. Well done.

deirdre said...

You've captured the moment so well.

Teresa said...

That is a great photo! Hey thanks for your kind words you left on my blog. I was gone...but now I am back...couldn't stay away! Your site looks great! Love your banner!

AnnieElf said...

Sometimes knowledge is just innate. Even as a non-drinker, you know what is good and express it well.