Monday, August 14, 2006

What I can still be:

I can still be:

Healthier: I want to change my lifestyle and eat better and excercise more so that I can enjoy my life and my new home to its full advantage.

Have a better outlook on life: For a long while because of past issues I have not had a strong self confidence and with this move I want to make changes in my mental attitude that brings about changes in my self worth. I want to realize that I am okay just the way I am.

Photographer and Life Artist: Although I will never be Ansel Adams I want to record the ordinary ,everyday things of life with my camera and scrapbooking in a way that I cherish each day as a gift.

Better wife,friend etc.- I want to be the type of mate ,aunt,sister and friend I would like to have .

Grow Spiritually-I want to find a place and a church where my spirit can find a home .

A better caretaker of the earth: I want to be a better earth steward and learn to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Challenge myself professionally-I want to find a job that stimualtes my mind as a nurse that makes me want to go to work and revives my passion for my chosen profession.

Big Goals they sure are but I think attainable with work, and the right mental attitude.

I want to participate in the Artwords group but until I get moved I don't have art supplies so I might just participate with photos.

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Jennifer said...

lovely entry, so good to set some goals. I have confidence you will realize them!