Monday, October 23, 2006

Reason #742 why I love living here

after work
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Every since I found flickr I have enjoyed Carolyn in Oregon's photo's of the PNW and this one is no exception. This is exactly what it looks like and what I so a couple of months again on my first night back in the PNW my new home.
It is such an amazing place.
I haven't taken many pictures since moving here because my life has been so topsy turvy with starting a new job, buying a house and my husband still living 2800 miles away but things are beginning to settle down.
Through all the upheaval of my life of late I know that moving here was the right move. I have lived here alone 2800 miles away from everyone I know for two months and I have never been afraid and still enjoyed the beauty of my surroundings each day that I get up and get in the car.
I also really like my job as I get to actually take care of patients and have time to take a bathroom break. There have been many days as any nurse will tell you at my former job where I never had time to go to the bathroom or eat in a 12 hour shift and only sit down for all that time for maybe 30 minutes in the whole shirt.
On saturday when I worked I had a patient who has been in the hosp for 7 weeks tell me . I will miss you when you are off. It meant the world to me . Sometimes just someone who notices you do a good job makes the long hours and the hard physical and mental work of being a nurse worth it.
I have toyed with the idea of not continuing to blog in these months of late due to all the changes in my life but I am still going to for this reason. I love to meet other people from other parts fo the world and country who I enjoy sharing with and reading about their life . I like the connections you make this media.


Jennifer said...

sounds like you found a wonderful job. (and time enough to potty - what a perk!)

I just saw your banner for the first time today (it never showed itself before now) and it is truly gorgeous!

Kim G. said...

So glad that you are enjoying your new home and the beauty of our great state! This is a really wonderful time of year. Glad to hear the job is going well also and that you are being recognized for the work you do. It's such a good reminder to me to say "thanks" to the people that help and serve me in their jobs and just in friendships.

Hope you'll keep blogging - I always enjoy what you write!

paris parfait said...

Glad you're enjoying the job and your new home. It's always a bonus if someone acknowledges your work or lets you know you're helping them.