Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cockroaches and toliet Paper:

Now I know what you must be thinking that I have lost my mind but have you ever wondered if men are the ones who put the toliet paper dispensers in womens bathrooms and why they always put them close enough to the floor that a hobbit could reach it and why it never comes off in one piece but in thousands of little pieces.
Also have you noticed that those blue tooth earpieces look a lot like cockroaches attached to peoples ears.
I know I have too much time on my hands it seems but just some random thoughts from my crazy brain.
I found this really neat artist who does her mosiacs out of bottle caps Molly B. Right they are really beautiful.

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b/sistersshoes said...

AND...those bluetooth ear pieces are all so large that I can't find one to fit my ears! What about us girls who have exeptionally small ears?

I so agree about the TP! Why should they care that we have to gather 1,000 tiny pieces of tp together just to make a small wad, if we're lucky!

you go girl!

XO Darlene