Monday, October 02, 2006

Willamette Falls

Willamette Falls
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I am so sorry it seems to have taken me so long to post again . I want to get back in the swing of things again.
I am happy to report that someone has made an offer on our house in MS and hopefully if all goes well my husband will be able to be here by Halloween.Thanks to all of you for your prayers and thoughts.
We close on the house here the week of the 17th of Oct. in McMinnville,Oregon. It is about a mile from the start of the coast range in the heart of wine country in Oregon.
I will post pics soon of the area but until them will use the resources of flickr.
It is a town of about 30,000 about 30 miles from PDX and about 44 miles from the Pacific Ocean. It is in a county of rolling hills and farmlands that grows everything from filberts to lavender. Yesterday while driving around the area of our new house I came around the bend and found a sheep farm. I love these discoveries like that and theyvmake me so glad to be living here.
The pic for today is taken about a mile from where I am staying now from an overlook on I -205 and on clear days it really does look like this.
On a sad note, It breaks my heart to think of what those girls at both of the recent school shooting must have went thru. Why does it seem that women are so often the target of these mens rages? It seems to me men like the one who shot the Amish girls today are just cowards, That you would take out revenge on innocent children and such god fearing people not to mention what it will do to his own children.
It just makes me incredibly sad.


Kim G. said...

Yolanda - so glad to hear about the offer on your house! I'll continue to pray all goes well and your husband can join you at your new home soon!

The shootings are so sad and senseless. I must admit, they always make me a bit nervous as a parent and the wife of a teacher. Who can makes sense of this tragedy? Only God can bring any good from this and I'm praying that somehow he will allow his grace shine through these sad situations.

Sandy said...

I know that town, my husband's cousin lived there. Glad things are settling down for you. Are leaves turning there yet?

b/sistersshoes said...

no need to appologize... just glad your back :)

good news about the house

much love,

Jennifer said...

An offer, YEAH! I hope everything works out soon.

Sounds like you found the perfect home for you and a good job too. That's great!

Maybe one of these days we can go on a photography adventure.

Violence is always senseless and tragic... makes me sad too.