Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cherry Blossoms from JanneM on Flickr .

My contribution for the One Deep Breath haiku prompt :

Cherry Blossoms drift slowly down, pink raindrops to nourish Mother Earth.

I watched the movie Jesus Camp last night and found it deeply disturbing.I am a Christian and was saved at 9 and a member though nonattending in the Southern Baptist Church.Therefore my take on this movie comes from experience and living in the bible belt for all of my life.I find it disturbing that these children are never allowed to just be kids . I feel that they are being used as the adults pawns to meet their ends. I think if you are an adult you have the right to choose what religion you practice but to take children and have them speak in tongues and go up to people on the street and ask them if they are saved is just wrong.

I suppose this topic is touchy with me because I have disagreed with my southern baptist upbringing since the last election and church I attended. The last church I attended wanted to tell me that I was subservient to men and that I should vote for whomever they said in the election for president, that only men should have postions of authority in the church. I still have a firm belief in a higher power but I am searching for a church where I feel I belong without feeling as though I don't have a brain.I find it odd that these same churches will have Beth Moore ( a baptist teacher of bible studies come to their churches to give conferences) speak at their church but who will not let women be preachers or deacons. Beth Moore is nothing more than a female preacher who is very engaging and good at what she does.

This poem has really touched me and speaks to where I am right now in my life.

I will not die and unlived life.

I will not live in fear of falling and catching fire.

I choose to inhabit my days,to allow my living to open me.

To make me less afraid,more accessible,to loosen my heart,

until it becomes a wing,a torch , a promise.

I choose to risk significance;to live so that which came to me as a seed

goes on to the next blossom,and that which came to be a blossom , goes on as fruit.

Fully Alive by Dawn Marks


Cheryl said...

Hi Yolanda,

Just getting caught up on my blog readings. You have been thinking through and processing a lot it these days!

I'm not all that familiar with "Jesus Camp" although I think I did see a blurb about it on 20/20 or something like that? The little bit I saw bothered me as well. I'm not sure this is what Christ intended for His church. At some point, everyone needs to own their faith as their own, or else it isn't genuine. While I think teaching and instruction is important and creates a good foundation, I welcome the point when my kids really claim their faith as their own. It has been exciting to see how that manifests itself outwardly and how they demonstrate Christ's love to others in a way that is authentic to who they were created to be.

I also "hear" you on the the role of women in "the church". I was raised conservative Baptist which is a cousin to the Southern Baptists-- I'm still working through some of these issues and seeking what God thinks about these things as well. What I do know is that God loves women and Jesus held them in high esteem; Many were key to his ministry while he was here on earth.

I will be thinking of you and your journey. Thank you for sharing and being so thought-provoking.

Tammy said...

Yolanda this was a beautiful post full of hope and inspiration. Loved it all!

Sandy said...


Marcia said...

Yolanda, your Haiku was so clear, I love it.

I was not familiar with the poem you also posted, I am so glad you did, thank you.